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Portable outboards

These engines provide responsive, smooth and reliable power in a lightweight design. Honda’s advanced four-stroke technology results in efficient clean and quiet operation.


Compact & powerful

With a high output 350cc displacement and long-stroke design, the BF20 is a top performer, providing optimum torque at any speed. Programmed Ignition (PGM-IG) also accurately controls ignition timing during start-up and across the entire rev range for optimum overall operation.

A 12amp (electric start) alternator also ensures excellent charging power to keep batteries in top condition. Thanks to its incredibly lightweight design, the BF20 is also very easy to transport, a foldaway handle positioned at the exact balance point of the engine makes it easy to carry in a level position. 


Compact & powerful

Honda’s advanced four-stroke technology ensures the BF15 delivers responsive, smooth and reliable power in a lightweight package. Ideally suited to 3-4.5 metre aluminium and inflatable boats.

The Honda BF15 is sure to turn heads with the largest alternator in its class! 12amps at just 3000 RPM maintains the battery charge and keeps electronics going, even at trolling speeds.


Compact & powerful

The BF10 has been designed for boaters who want dependable performance in a compact engine and is perfectly suited for use with sailboats, inflatables and small aluminium boats. Offering very low fuel consumption and maintenance costs, while still delivering optimum performance and durability.

At 222cc, it has the largest displacement in its class, and Honda's Power Thrust Propeller - a four-blade propeller design (optional) - creates significantly more thrust in both forward and reverse gears. If you want dependable performance in a portable package, then the BF10 is the engine for you.


Portable power

Start something great on the water with the BF6, BF5 and BF4 range. The pinnacle of portable power – these lightweight outboards are super easy to start and incorporate a huge range of innovative features in the lightest possible package. Equipped with a powerful 127cc engine that provides efficient acceleration and high levels of torque, these engines are perfect for small tenders, canoes, and Inflatable Ribs. 


Portable power

Reliable and quiet, the ergonomic carry handle of the lightweight BF2.3 allows the Honda experience to be enjoyed anywhere, anytime! The ease of transporting the BF2.3 makes it perfect for inflatable boats like the Honwave, as well as small tenders and canoes. 

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