Honda launches their first V8 outboard engine

In a world premiere, Honda Marine has unveiled its first V8 outboard engine, the BF350, at the Genoa International Boat Show.

Through a range of outstanding technological features, the BF350 will redefine high-performance premium outboard marine engines, offering the most formidable power yet from a Honda outboard engine. Honda’s renowned engineering excellence will ensure a perfect balance of reliability and performance.

The BF350 is powered by an impressive 60-degree 5 Litre V8 engine with VTEC™ (Variable Valve Timing and Lift Electronic Control) technology. The new BF350 offers impressively low noise and vibration, whilst delivering a new distinctive, rich sound and exhilarating performance, with every feature designed to enhance the boating experience.

The Honda Marine BF350 is offered with a new distinctive design; a slim, one-motion silhouette harmonious with the water. Encased in Aquamarine Silver or Grand Prix White, both designs are embossed with three-dimensional chrome plated logos and trims befitting a strong, premium appearance.


This 5-litre V8 engine offers the most formidable power amongst our outboard engines. The BF350 offers Honda’s revolutionary BLAST™ (Boosted Low Speed Torque) mode, providing instant and powerful acceleration. At constant speeds ECOmo, will be engaged, where the engine’s fuel optimisation system will reduce fuel consumption whenever possible. When extra power is required, VTEC™ will boost peak power, providing a positive surge of acceleration.

Honda’s VTEC™ technology infamously provides a unique blend of power, torque, and efficiency optimising performance throughout the higher RPM range. VTEC™ is already proven on the BF250, 225, 150, and 100 HP outboards.

Engineered to Perform

Honda Marine’s BF350 boasts several smart features intended to enhance the customer experience and improve ease of use, including Cruise Control, Tilt Limit and Trim Support. The Cruise Control feature delivers smooth operation by expanding the adaptive speed range of the conventional trolling control function. Select Cruise Control on the display and adjust cruising speed on the control head when desired.

The Honda BF350 features an adjustable Tilt Limit sensor to avoid over tilting when docking. Push the button and the engine automatically tilts itself to a pre-set angle to avoid scratches or damage to the boat or engine. Automatic Tilt provides owners with an automatic full tilt at a double push of the button.

Support Trim has 3 customisable pre-sets to automatically trim the engine getting you on the plane faster whilst improving fuel economy. The integrated O2 sensor monitors air/fuel ratios measuring residual oxygen content of the exhaust gases and optimising combustion efficiency. Both the Trim Support and O2 sensor are designed to optimise fuel consumption without compromising engine performance.

Accompanying the V8 outboard is the all-new BF350 controller. The controller comes in an ergonomic form to support various grips and operations, has an intuitive 5-button multi-function panel, and a high visibility neutral position indicator, all enhanced in a leather grain for exceptional comfort. Incorporating DBW (Drive By Wire) owners have precise electronic engine response to control multiple engines with a single lever, providing simple operation for smooth, stress-free boating.

The BF350 combines comfort and performance, a technologically advanced outboard engine intended for optimal customer experience through precision engineering. High performance in every possible way, the BF350 is Honda Marine’s greatest achievement yet.

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